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Lobster sauce

The publisher:administration  Release date:[2014/3/25 13:39:11]
       Lobster sauce is whole soybean or bean boiled fermented condiment, black brown, shiny shiny, particle integrity, loose, have flavor, mellow. Tempeh nutrient rich, rich in protein, amino acid, lactic acid, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and vitamins, taste delicious, can taste, can medicine, long-term edible with appetizers by food, Xiaoji stagnation, expelling wind and cold, diaphoresis, Chufan antiasthmatic, control soil disaffected, Shan LAN solutions malaria and other effects, has a certain function of health care, in our country, produced by Jiangxi, Sichuan, Hunan etc..
      Lobster sauce is widely used in China cooking, is an essential condiment, can remove fishy, meal, green dish ingredients of taste and other unusual taste, improve food fresh, fragrant, tender, while maintaining the special sauce flavor lobster sauce.
A classification, lobster sauce:
1, according to the different kinds of microorganisms can be divided into mold fermented Douchi and bacterial fermented Douchi, difference lies in the method of koji using fungal fermented Douchi, which can be subdivided into: Mucor fermented Douchi, Aspergillus type Douchi, Rhizopus oryzae Fermented Douchi and Neurospora douchi. Hukou lobster sauce belongs to Aspergillus type Douchi, koji making use of Aspergillus natural, longer production time.
2, according to the patterns of different products can be divided into dry fermented black beans and water lobster sauce, dry tempeh fermented Douchi process requirements will then drying, moisture rate is low, 25%-30%, beans loose, light oil lubrication. Natto is wet, the larger water content, water content of up to 70%. Hukou fermented Douchi belongs to the category of stem.
3, according to the use of different raw materials into soy bean and black bean sauce, Hukou fermented black bean sauce with Poyang Lake area belongs to, non GM soya bean as raw material production of seiko.
4, according to the product's taste for SSP and salty Douchi, Hukou lobster sauce are salty sauce, fermented soybean mainly for medicinal.
Two, tempeh production process:
1, lobster sauce processing principle: the use of microbial enzymes, decomposition of nutrients in soybean, which produce special flavor.
Namely: the soybean contains rich protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and other nutrients, when soybean was soaked after cooking, can provide adequate nutrients for Mucor, Aspergillus and bacteria, the soybean is placed in the appropriate conditions that the mold rapid propagation, produce plenty of protease, removing part of microorganism and spore, adding all kinds of accessories after fermentation in closed condition, then the protease can decompose soybean protein into amino acids, peptone, peptides, and other nutrients, the formation of special flavor.
2, lobster sauce process: raw black beans (or soy), selecting, cleaning, soaking, cooking, cooling, koji, Qu washing → (plus accessories) mixed with song, fermentation (→ natto), drying, dry douchi.
Three, old Chinese, one of the "Shizhongshan" brand of Hukou lobster sauce and paste characteristics:
1, using traditional craft tradition of art making, ancient brewing, quality and reliability, "Shizhongshan" brand of Hukou lobster sauce production in 2010 was approved for the Jiangxi provincial intangible cultural heritage, "Shizhongshan" brand in the 2010 by the people's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce granted to the old name title.
2, selection of Poyang Lake pollution free area planted with non transgenic soybean as raw material, is a pure natural ecology, green food; "Shizhongshan" brand of fermented fish sauce, soy sauce products using high-quality Hukou lobster sauce, together with the Poyang Lake regional ecological pure wild fish and when refined pure natural raw material to native and.
3, by solid fermentation of traditional, low moisture content, customers' actual income is higher, Hukou fermented Douchi category belongs to dry, water lobster sauce production of the company under the control of the 20%, is strict to the national standard. (water cut fermented liquid fermentation rate in general about 65%, some bad firms adopting the liquid fermentation, the fermentation liquid carry away the production of soy sauce)
4, do not extract any nutrients, guaranteed authentic, the company Douchi appearance of plump, far from some tangible no matter, colored tasteless fermented bean products can be compared, because those products from a fibrinolytic enzyme, small molecular peptides and other nutrients.
5, do not add any additives, preservatives, guarantee to provide pure natural products.
6, the company produced tempeh has a preservative effect, the retention period is longer, more than eighteen months.
Four, tempeh sense standard:
1, uniform particles, mellow and full.
2, dry and loose, pinch is not caking.
3, Maotai flavor, no taste.
4, the entrance of crisp, no hard heart.
5, alcohol taste sweet, no bitter taste