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Nutrition and health function of Hukou lobster sauce

The publisher:administration  Release date:[2014/3/25 13:35:41]
          Lobster sauce is a traditional fermented soybean product in China with national characteristics, has long been known for its rich nutrition, special flavor has a special status in the world culture in the forest. Lobster sauce because of its unique mellow, ester aroma and flavor become unique condiments and Chinese cuisine. In 1915, the Panama World Expo, as Chinese traditional condiments sauce, with its unique delicious delicious by the international culinary circles, won a gold medal.
        Hukou fermented Douchi is black, the Poyang Lake ecological region of non GM soya bean by traditional technics, is China Douchi in the boutique, analysis of nutrition and health function of Hukou lobster sauce are as follows.
One, from black soybean nutrition
        Hukou lobster sauce is brewed black bean products, Hukou lobster sauce nutrients from black soya bean is better than that of black beans. Black soybean protein containing up to 36 ~ 40%, fat 16%, contains about 23% carbohydrates (including dietary fiber is about 10%), also contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and essential vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, nicotinic acid and trace elements manganese, cobalt, zinc, copper, molybdenum, selenium, black beans with the most balanced nutrition, is the most abundant nutrition health care Jiapin plants.
      In addition, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, "valley of kidney beans is a" black is water, water, go to the kidney, so the kidney beans for human consumption, in addition to expelling wind heat, lower gas transfer, detoxification, diuretic, can effectively alleviate the frequent micturition, backache, women leucorrhea abnormality and lower abdomen and other cold symptoms.
The following analysis of nutritional components of black beans, item by item (part of nutrition in soybean processing).
Protein 1, black beans
        Characteristics of black beans with high protein, low calorie, protein content is as high as 36%-40% beans, equivalent to 2 times the meat, egg, milk, 3 times 12 times. Protein is the material basis for human body, the suitable type of amino acid protein supply, complete and suitable composition, is a normal physiological function, maintain body and enhance the body resistance, substance foundation treatment.
The protein content is high, the appropriate amino acid ratio, good quality. Black soybean protein contains 18 kinds of amino acids, including the human body can not be synthesized and must be from the 8 kinds of essential amino acids in food intake, the protein amino acid composition and animal protein, lysine rich and close to the proportion of the human body needs, so easy to digest and absorb. The pattern of amino acid and essential amino acid requirement of human black soya bean protein, in addition to the baby, since 2 years old children to adults, can meet their needs. Clinical application has also been confirmed black soybean protein has reduced the role of serum cholesterol. Black soybean protein content of amino acids in Table 1 (FAO/WHO refers to the Joint FAO / WHO).