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Hukou lobster sauce cooking with spectrum

The publisher:administration  Release date:[2014/3/25 13:33:52]

     Old Chinese, provincial intangible cultural heritage, one of the "Shizhongshan" brand of Hukou lobster sauce, because of its long history, exquisite choice of materials, technology, special taste sweet quiet, is a wide adjustable Jiapin seasoning, health treasures ages and renowned at home and abroad.
      1, tempeh fried pork meat: wash cuts (piece) into the burst of oil, put in lobster sauce, mix well and then simmered for a moment after eating, delicious taste, very delicate fragrance, long food is not greasy. And room temperature retention days also unchanged quality taste.
      2, lobster sauce braised pork: the lobster sauce instead of "enzyme vegetable" making braised pork, cooking process is the same as the smell delicious, not greasy, food, fresh longer.
Steamed pork ribs

      3, bean: pig, ox, sheep ribs wash cuts, add chopped lobster sauce mix well, into the steamer and steam 30-40 minutes until cooked, clean wok before sprinkle spring onion, mashed garlic and other spices, is a delicious sweet quiet, steamed pork ribs delicious dishes -- black bean sauce.
      4, fermented fish: raw material: fresh fish, lobster sauce, vegetable oil 450g 200g 500ml, 15g 15g, onion, garlic, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, 10 M1 5Q 10ml, 50ml, 2G pepper soup.
Process: wash the fish, cut into strips (blocks) or flower knife, with ginger, green onion, salt, cooking wine, pepper mix pickled flavor yards. The fermented mash, green onions cut into each 3 cm long, garlic cut into wafer stand-by. Set the fire pan, oil burning down to about 200 DEG C, add fish, fry until golden brown when picked up, back to the oil pan, put a small amount of vegetable oil heat under the other, tempeh fried dried moisture, then the next onion, garlic slightly fried, add fried fish, add cooking wine, salt, soy sauce, soup; pepper stir fry slightly burned, switch to a small fire close to the broth will be dry, add sesame oil, from pot can be eaten. This cooked lobster sauce fish and canned fish, not only taste more delicious, more cost and does not need to be refrigerated or vacuum packaging can long time preservation.
         5, black bean sauce duck Ding: raw materials: duck breast meat 200g, cooked green beans 25g, 1 egg, onion, ginger, peanut oil 50ml 10g, sweet 10g, wet starch, salt, sugar, cooking wine, stir, lobster sauce 20g.
Production steps: 1, the duck breast meat cut into small, add egg white, wet starch, salt a little, grasping uniform good oar, bamboo shoot slices. ②, add appropriate amount of oil till the five mature, will duck breast Ding in the ladle slide powder, pour into a colander, control net oil. The pot put oil, cooked, add sauce, onion, ginger, fermented flour paste and stir fry until fragrant, then cooked into the cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, sugar, cooked green beans, bamboo shoots stir fry slightly, then add the duck breast meat, blending can out of the pot.
        6 fresh vegetables such as beans, lobster sauce: pepper, tempeh fried bitter gourd, burst flat beans, cress, spinach, cooking with lobster sauce can remove Qing Zhang flavor, and more tender and tasty.
        7, home-made lobster sauce: ginger, garlic, onion first and mashed with gauze wrapped fennel, pepper, pepper, pepper and other spices spices add salt, sugar (ingredients, can be addicted to taste or), add cooking wine and boiling water and cook for 1 hours, then add lobster sauce (soy soy consumption is added to the mash liquid Qi Ping) then warm fire stew pan for 60 minutes, after the cold into the bottle (tank), slightly oil seal, can be long-term storage, ready to eat, delicious taste and appetite.
        8, "Hometown" hometown dishes: where to the title of the dish, such as: meat, fish, home home home tofu, bean cake home, home Hot pot, to reflect the hometown flavor, lobster sauce condiment indispensable, use method generally as everyone knows, should be able to master.
        9, salted and fermented soybean: Folk pickled ginger, garlic, chili, radish, cucumber, bean, bean curd and so on, are in the habit of the altar and mix some lobster sauce, both to mildew, flavor is more delicious.
The commonly used tempeh part cases spectrum for reference purposes only, with the growing pursuit of dietary nutrition and taste, will technology and method of cooking with the continuous innovation and improvement. At the same time, the company for the vast number of consumers with more valuable advice on products, in order to prompt us to the continuous improvement of production technology, improve quality, increase the variety, as thousands of households, people of all ages and both sexes, increase nutrition, deliciousness and make unremitting efforts to promote health.