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Hukou lobster sauce will participate in the first Jiangxi famous agricultural pr

The publisher:administration  Release date:[2014/3/25 13:32:41]
      The first Jiangxi famous agricultural products (Shenzhen) exhibition will be held in 2013 August 16-18 day (Friday - Sunday) held in Shenzhen, great China International Exchange Square central hall at that time, Jiujiang Shizhongshan bean product Co. Ltd. will join Hukou lobster sauce at.
     Jiangxi famous agricultural products (Shenzhen) exhibition will highlight the "eco Poyang Lake, green agricultural products" brand image, pay attention to the agriculture of Jiangxi overall image and the enterprise image propaganda, focusing on regional public brand and corporate brand promotion, with emphasis on Trade and investment, to negotiate on supplementary field sales and network show, efforts to create a platform for the circulation of agricultural products in Jiangxi province in the "Pearl River Delta" economic circle, the promotion of green agricultural products more Poyang Lake into the "Pearl River Delta" market. The main content for the image display, agricultural products exhibition, trade negotiation, promotion.