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New description: lobster sauce fish box

The publisher:administration  Release date:[2014/3/25 13:31:24]
       Jiujiang Shizhongshan bean product Co. Ltd. is a professional lobster, lobster sauce, spicy sauce, steamed fish soy Rice noodles manufacturers, the company produced "Shizhongshan" brand of Hukou lobster sauce and sauce products area south of the Yangtze River is famous traditional specialties. "Shizhongshan" brand at the top of the Ministry of Commerce as "old Chinese", and was named "Jiangxi famous trademark", Hukou lobster sauce production process by the provincial government approval to be protected as "provincial intangible cultural heritage".
      The lobster sauce fish featured in this factory produced "Shizhongshan" brand high-quality Hukou lobster sauce and Poyang Lake ecological region pure wild fish as the main raw materials, with pure natural materials native, with exquisite brewing and cooking skills refined, is home to travel, meals, gifts to friends and relatives feast with the advocating of food.
      Fermented fish box net content of 1120g, including 280g, fermented soybean meal fermented Miyako fish fish, lobster, lobster sauce fish water needle Miyako fish each bottle.