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Jiangxi Shangrao winter lobster sauce flavor characteristics of food

The publisher:administration  Release date:[2014/3/25 13:28:19]
       Simple, often the most charming, a small grain of lobster sauce, but can let the human gastric secretion is exuberant, spirits, is how the magic!
Away from home for a long time, the hometown of Changsha miss more deep, especially those that seem unremarkable gadgets, now remember, was the kind of warm.
Childhood living grandmother, grandmother and many Changsha family like women, all the housework, have a good cooking. Often when cooking, the grandmother while adding sticks to make a fire, while in the range of busy, cooking benches placed on grandma every day "training" the "Nirvana" -- lard, salt, MSG, soy sauce and a bag of Liuyang lobster sauce. When cooking, grandma quickly into the pan put a spirit of Liuyang lobster sauce little and dainty, for a time, the hall was full of the fragrance of lobster sauce......
"Pan-Seared Green Chili Pepper" this dish must have Liuyang lobster sauce to eat; "fried winter amaranth", "fried bitter gourd" no Liuyang lobster sauce, would be less many delicious; "steamed fish", "steamed meat", Liuyang lobster sauce is an indispensable condiment. At the outset of Changsha, I love the smell of lobster sauce flavor, but do not like to eat, because the Liuyang lobster sauce was very unremarkable, dark and dry, the surface is uneven, as red pepper, green pepper so bright shine on people, full of temptation. So, every time a meal, I always gently poke the lobster sauce......
Of Douchi curiosity, from the university summer vacation with a friend in Shanghai to go to Yuelu Academy to play. At noon time, it is the lunch time, lodge a strong girl holding a bowl of rice, the rice surface covered with a thick layer of chili, eat haired sweat, awfully. Is about to eat chili too much, her voice is hoarse, still cheerfully told her colleagues: "it is very hot in summer, only this chili only fun!" The Shanghai of my friends rushed, busy central I took her to taste the "chili", I smiled and answered.
For the work, I often buy Guizhou produced "old godmother chili sauce". I do not know is the lobster species are not the same, or canned food's sake, "old godmother chili sauce" in very soft, than the Liuyang lobster sauce and rounded head shape. So, year after year, I chewed up a bit brittle strength, petite Liuyang lobster sauce more thoughts on it. One year, a high school girl students long not contact from Changsha to Beijing to see a doctor, had brought me a bag of Liuyang lobster sauce, I couldn't help but be moved. Later, I heard the girl student who was now suffering from leukemia, no audio, not from my heart a bit sad. And she gave the bag of Liuyang lobster sauce, I was absolutely empty, but the lobster sauce fragrance is still lingering in my heart......
Scorching summer, on the Hunan restaurant, a "fried water spinach stems" chili, green, red, black, a riot of colours, aroma, refreshing. The most simple, most attractive, small grain soybean, but can let the human gastric secretion is exuberant, spirits, is how the magic!