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China fermented soybean market space

The publisher:administration  Release date:[2014/3/25 13:26:08]
       A thrombolytic effect of nattokinase, Professor Zhang Bingwen tells a story. When Sumi Hiroyuki of Japan (Japanese brewing Association Journal) first discovered the existence of a strong fibrinolytic activity of nattokinase enzyme -- natto (NK). The thrombolytic activity of NK animal thrombosis model discovery, NK not only inhibits the formation of thrombus, but also have very strong thrombolytic effect. Which in the future will be in Japan nattokinase as biological technology development of the second generation of thrombolytic drugs played a pioneering role. In addition the similar test, professional staff also found natto in lowering blood pressure and treating diabetic effect.
    Soybean products Chinese - lobster sauce is a traditional Chinese medicine in traditional Chinese medicine, and is a traditional fermented soybean food, by China's Ministry of health as the first batch of medicine and food dual purpose varieties. Such as traditional Chinese medicine Yinqiao Jiedu tablet, Jiedu Tablets contain lobster sauce. Once obtained the very high prestige in the world market with its special flavor, unique nutrition and health care function. In the early China first Pharmacopoeia "Compendium of Materia Medica", Li Shizhen pointed out: lobster sauce with appetizers by food, Xiaoshi of stagnation, diaphoresis, except the effect of expelling wind and cold, tired of asthma, treatment, The climate does not suit one. mountain LAN miasma solution etc.. The lobster sauce and other drug compatibility effects are introduced: "black flat, as with the temperature, so it can be scattered, have onion sweating, salt can spit, wine is treating wind, Xie is to treat dysentery, garlic is hemostatic, fry and antiperspirant". But with the progress of science and people change on food consumption concept, but also because of the existence of Douchi this food causes high salt and low taste, grade, most were put in seasoning used, resulting in the international market competition ability is weak, the sales situation is becoming increasingly decline results. And in the long-term practice of our country while the people found the fermented soybean products has a good health role, but neglect writing summary, lack of theoretical basis, so that the health and medical research Chinese Douchi has not risen to the theory of modern life science and technology.