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How to buy soy products

The publisher:administration  Release date:[2014/3/25 13:23:29]

Bean products refers to the use of soybeans, mung beans, beans as raw materials to manufacture products, mainly Soybean Milk, tofu, tofu, vegetarian chicken, 100 pages, fermented bean curd (or fermented bean curd), bean sprouts, bean curd, dried bean, sesame curd; Shanghai market also had a habit of gluten in food, such as oil gluten, vegetarian sausage (also known as water gluten gluten), incorporated. Bean products cheap, and contains a large number of plant protein, unsaturated fatty acids, calcium iron and other minerals, so loved by the consumers.
The weekly should eat at least 3 bean products
In order to enhance people's intake of protein and prevent the adverse effect of city consumers too much consumption of meat brings, should be advocated energetically beans especially soybean and its products production and consumption. Expert proposal, every week should eat at least 3 to 4 times of beans. Beans contain a lot of heart healthy plant protein, fat and fiber. The beans instead of meat, can reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids, help reduce LDL cholesterol in the body, prevent hardening of the arteries, heart health.
Sampling results shocking
Although the bean products are rich in nutrition, has long been favored by people. But the sampling results recently published by the relevant departments of the state is shocking. According to reported recently, State Quality Inspection Administration recently to non fermented bean products national product quality supervision and spot checks, qualified product sampling rate was only 56%, which Yuxing Guiyang gold food factory multi taste delicious Dried tofu, pickled bean brine Jiangbei District Feiteng food factory Chongqing City, Chengdu city that Food limited liability company people character (soy), Sichuan Province are Guanghan Xiangrong food factory chicken sister tofu, Sichuan Guang'an three brothers food factory, poor quality Dried tofu etc..
How to buy soy products
Experts remind consumers, buy soy products must first select the regular manufacturers products, at the same time, it is best to large-scale supermarkets, shopping malls have bean products packaging. In addition, should carefully check the label, special attention should be paid to check whether the production date, shelf life and storage environment to meet the sales unit express product packaging storage conditions. For the sale of the market without packaging bean products the best at a distance.